Mountains have always been part of our life in one way or another. From surroundings we grew up in they turned into passion which absorbed our free time and determined our way of life. We launched Vagabond Travel in 2017 motivated by our love and driven by desire to share our perspective and approach with you. From the fragrant, mysterious forests, wild spring rivers, vast grasslands, inaccessible rock summits to the still snow slopes whose eerie silence is broken only by the lonely wail of the wind – the mountains are always different and even the well known corners acquire new fascination when you keep an open mind.


We design our tours with care, in advance or custom-made for you, because we believe that:
  • travelling is an adventure by itself
  • travelling is an entertainment but is also a responsibility to the places we visit and the people we encounter
  • mountains connect people and friendships born there last a lifetime
  • it is the individual approach of our guides to you and to the places we choose that makes our tours different

…and because it is the shared experience that’s precious!

We are

Born in the mountain town of Samokov in 1977, Snezhana graduated English language school and later the University of Sofia. Her love for the nature and mountains takes her back…