Spending time together and communicating is a human necessity since ancient times. It was a natural process before the rapid development of the technologies and extreme expansion of the cities. People used to gather at the squares in the evenings, chatting, gossiping, finding solutions to the problems. Communication was natural end easy at work as well. With the development of the technologies people became more and more unnecessary replaced by machines. Work and everyday life turn more and more stressful and little by little people drift apart. But the need to communicate and share is still strong and their absence is the cause of many problems – isolation, lack of confidence.

The team building activities fight all these tendencies.

Vagabond Travel offers different outdoor team building activities. To achieve our goal we use the height and people’s natural fear of it, the adrenaline and the fresh air. Our team will give you a taste of the extreme experience in a completely safe nature environment. The activities include various rope elements, different team plays and collaborative tasks.  A day in nature full of emotions and a way to question communication, tolerance, team work, collaborative solutions,

…or simply a way of having fun together.


And we will organize the perfect trip for your company!